Save our Big Red memories!

When Helena went back to Ithaca, she was saddened by the number of businesses that shut down. These places meant a lot for her and fellow Cornellians.

She walked into Café Pacific and talked to the owner Fumi. Despite not seeing her since graduating in 2016, Fumi remembered Helena. After chatting a while, Fumi mentioned how the business was struggling because students were not in Ithaca. She is behind on her rent. COVID-19 has taken a toll on her small business. Helena shared the news with her friend since freshman year, Zich. They used to go to Café Pacific together for lunch after class.

Determined to help Café Pacific and other businesses that provided so many memories and made Ithaca special, Helena and Zich decided to start the #SaveCollegetown campaign to provide future Cornell students the chance to have their Collegetown memories, and give alumni a refuge to reminisce of the good ol' days during future reunions. 

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If you don't have a specific business in mind, donate to the #SaveCollegetown campaign, and funds will be split to businesses accordingly. Your support makes a critical difference to these small business owners and their families. Let's keep these places open for the future generations of Cornellians.
Let’s #SaveCollegetown!

Donate directly to these small businesses in Ithaca

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Helena and Zich, Class of 2016.

The campaign is not affiliated with Cornell University or any organization.